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A Memory of Dark

A Fire and Blood Novel

Ten thousand superhumans are kept captive in the mine, imprisoned and forced to labor after the war in which they tried and failed to take over the world.  Brothers Thompson and Brann were born into this prison and have struggled since to survive while surrounded by brutality.

Their parents long dead, Brann takes care of his younger brother Thomson as best as he can.  Life in the prison isn’t easy but Thomson, who has never known anything else, is almost happy with what little they have.  Brann, on the other hand, can’t help but worry as he tries keep both of them alive.  Finally old enough to work in the mine, life has only gotten worse and worse for them.  But Thomson wants his life to stay relatively care free and play with his friends.

When Brann finally develops his powers, the power dampening collar around his neck fails, leaving Brann with the ability to finally change things.  The situation quickly escalates and the fledgling superhuman has little time to react as he’s finally found a way out. 

But escape is not so simple.


Upcoming Projects

The Silver Tower

A Fire and Blood Novel

Brann is finally free and has arrived at Lysby: a sanctuary for superhumans and home of the fabled Silver Tower.  The memory of the mine, however, won't let him go. The outside world, in all its charm, feels empty.

The Silver Tower Cover.jpg

The Doppler

A Fire and Blood Novel

Max had to hide. Superhumans were always sent to the frontlines and they didn't know what he could do yet. His ability to heal was powerful but it wasn't exactly the strongest power. As he lay in the foxhole, artillery shells dropping all around him, Max came to realize the front had found him anyways.

After running into an unexpected ally, he comes to learn more about his powers and the people he comes from.

Cover In Progress (1).jpg

The Witch

A Fire and Blood Novel

Meritites had lived for almost two thousand years. As one of the most powerful witches in the world, she's seen and shaped history. She's loved it all. But when her life begins to fall apart, she reaches the limit of her power . . . and forces herself past it into darkness.

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